My approach

Help you regain the joy of movement, with a little help where needed and in a non-invasive and gentle way

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Dear patient

The surgery of dr. Ridulfo is constantly sterilized with a UV lamp, while in the waiting room there is an ionizer device that attracts all the negative suspended particles.

The bed and the various parts of the ambulatory furniture are sanitized daily with quaternary ammonium derivatives. Equipment that comes into contact with patients' bodies is strictly sterile.

Dr. Ridulfo undergoes a regular nasal swab.

Patients must follow all the ordinary procedures prescribed by law: hand sanitation at the entrance and mandatory use of a mask in the office. You enter the clinic on call from the doctor.

Patients who come from outside the Veneto region, if they wish, can request a statement from the doctor at the e-mail address stating the time and day of the appointment. In any case, the relative self-certification will be stamped and signed.


About me

Giuseppe Ridulfo,

Specialist in Functional Rehabilitation

I’m a MD who for many years have been interested in injuries of tendons, muscles, ligaments and on the functioning of the locomotor system in general. To cure these problems I use a novel technique called Prolotherapy that allows the resolution of functional impairment.

I help patients recover the correct functioning of joints trying to prevent acute and chronic illness and avoid resorting to surgery and / or the loss of functional autonomy.

COVID19 - The security measures of my practice

What do I do?

My fields of interest are mainly the use of manual manipulation and infiltrative therapy in back pain, sports medicine and the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Together with other colleagues I’m developing a novel system to solve teno-muscular and ligament problems.


It is possible to purchase Dr. Ridulfo's book on infiltrative techniques by clicking on the button you will find below.

This richly illustrated 520-page book describes more than 100 infiltrative techniques with 100 movies

This video contains some strong images , we do not recommend  the viewing  to a sensitive audience.

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Tel:- +39 045  7702274

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