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Giuseppe Ridulfo Specialista in Riabilitazione Funzionale

About me

Giuseppe Ridulfo,

Specialist in Functional Rehabilitation

I’m a MD who for many years have been interested in injuries of tendons, muscles, ligaments and on the functioning of the locomotor system in general. To cure these problems I use a novel technique called Prolotherapy that allows the resolution of functional impairment.

I help patients recover the correct functioning of joints trying to prevent acute and chronic illness and avoid resorting to surgery and / or the loss of functional autonomy.

My approach

Help you regain the joy of movement, with a little help where needed and in a non-invasive and gentle way

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What do I do?

My fields of interest are mainly the use of manual manipulation and infiltrative therapy in back pain, sports medicine and the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Together with other colleagues I’m developing a novel system to solve teno-muscular and ligament problems.

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It is possible to purchase Dr. Ridulfo's book on infiltrative techniques by clicking on the button you will find below.

This richly illustrated 520-page book describes more than 100 infiltrative techniques with 100 movies

This video contains some strong images , we do not recommend  the viewing  to a sensitive audience.


Via Casette 2, 1° Piano

S. Maria di Negrar (VR) -

Veneto, Italia

Tel:- +39 045  7702274

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