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PRP Growth factors/platelet gel/prolotherapy 


For many years Dr. Ridulfo has been practicing prolotherapy (injection of hypertonic liquid into ligaments, tendons and joints) generally with excellent results, but in some cases, probably due to the severity of the lesions, a satisfactory result is not obtained. In these cases it is worth trying PRP therapy. But why not start treating the patient with PRP right away? Unfortunately the PRP procedure is much more expensive so in less serious cases it is worth starting to use prolotherapy which is still effective and does not contraindicate the subsequent PRP.

What is PRP?

The abbreviation PRP refers to a set of growth factors extracted from the blood of the same patient which are purified with a particular centrifugation technique and are subsequently injected with a curative effect in some specific pathologies of the musculoskeletal system in order to accelerate the natural process healing and to promote the regeneration of tendons, muscles and articular cartilage.

How is it done?

It starts with a sample of the patient's blood which, with a special kit, is placed in a specific high-speed centrifuge which separates from the blood the part rich in growth/reparative factors, the so-called platelet gel.

This preparation is then injected into the site of the joint, tendon or even muscle lesion, possibly under ultrasound control with a procedure that is performed in the clinic. The concentration of growth factors that are injected can vary up to 10 times between one type of centrifuge and another.

These components act as catalysts by attracting immune cells, macrophages, fibroblasts and other low-differentiation cells to the site of injury, which stimulate tissue regeneration. The effectiveness and goodness of the result depend above all on the purity of the gel preparation and on the accuracy that the professional uses to introduce the liquid into the patient's body.


All injuries of the musculoskeletal system and joints. Joint injuries can be treated until the joint has completely degenerated and requires a prosthesis.


Severe systemic and blood diseases such as leucemia and multiple myeloma, systemic and localized infections.

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