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Dr. Ridulfo was the first to introduce Dr. Cyriax's diagnostic and therapeutic methodology in Italy, training numerous doctors and physiotherapists from 1985 to 2000.
Cyriax courses allow you to perform a medical history, inspection and functional examination of the limbs and spine independently, reliably and safely, obtaining a relevant clinical diagnosis and, if necessary, a differential diagnosis. It allows us to create a safe and efficient therapeutic plan that covers all the variables that come into play in the evaluation of patients.

Subsequently, the collaboration with Ediermes ( began thanks to their didactic structures.

At least one peripheral infiltration course, one column infiltration course, one mesotherapy course and one ultrasound-guided infiltration course are organized each year. The practical part of these courses is carried out on anatomical pieces of animals.

Internationally, the collaboration with Etgom ( ; ; ) is still active with this, courses are organized at an international level.


To get a reliable idea of the Cyriax method, consult the book

" Clinical reasoning in modern orthopedic medicine"

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