In this section you will find some information on the treatments that I practice depending on the areas to be treated and the pathology.

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Tecnica usata per sbloccare le vertebre, per risolvere lombalgie e lombo sciatalgie. Il Dr. Ridulfo usa le tecniche di Cyriax e di Lewit.


La mesoterapia migliora lo squilibrio circolatorio disattivando i trigger point che contengono aree ischemiche.
I campi di applicazione sono i più vari: dalla medicina dello sport, alla terapia del dolore e alla medicina estetica In medicina dello sport l’applicazione della mesoterapia non comporta un’interruzione dell’attività di allenamento




Useful in painful ailments caused by muscle contractures. 5% diluted glucose is injected in the points where the cutaneous sensory nerves emerge on the skin through simple subcutaneous injections of small quantities of solution in the cutaneous emergency points of the sensory nerves, decreasing the inflammation of the nervous branches which can be crushed when they cross the fascial structures to go towards the skin.

Quickly and effectively reduces chronic pain with muscle contracture in headaches, neuralgia, lumbago, sciatica.



It is used in some forms of acute pain. In the so-called acute periarthritis it allows a rapid resolution of painful disorders. Diluted cortisone is injected with local anesthesia or only local anesthetic. With ultrasound, if necessary, it is checked where the needle is introduced.



Mesotherapy improves circulatory imbalance by deactivating trigger points that contain ischemic areas.
The fields of application are the most varied: from sports medicine, to pain therapy and aesthetic medicine In sports medicine, the application of mesotherapy does not involve an interruption in training



Technique used to unblock the vertebrae, to solve low back pain and low back pain. Dr. Ridulfo uses the techniques of Cyriax and Lewit.


A mixture of cortisone and local anesthetic is injected into the medullary canal at the point where a herniated disc has occurred. When hyperacute low back pain occurs in which the patient struggles to make any movement, it can be decisive. In spinal stenosis, a disease typical of the third age, in which the spinal cord is compressed by the bone growths that form with osteoarthritis, it produces good relief. The infiltration cycle must be repeated 2 times a year.


To each area of the ear corresponds an organ or function. The points are stimulated with needles or with lasers to obtain an improvement in the function of the various organs.


It is used in organic lesions with lesions or partial rupture of tendons, ligaments and fascial structures. It is performed by injecting 33% glucose diluted with local anesthesia at the points where the lesion occurred.

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