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First Aid



In this section you will find some information on how to practice first aid to relieve the pain of certain pathologies. These indications do not replace professional treatment that only the doctor is able to perform.


Epicondylitis is a rather annoying but fortunately not serious disease.

The symptomatology can go on even for 1-2 years if it is left to itself without treatment.

It is an inflammation of the tendon of a muscle that causes the extension of the wrist and that fits on the elbow.

It is boring because it heals with a certain difficulty and produces discomfort during all the movements of the wrist and elbow, but it is not serious because the tendon never breaks and can even heal on its own (it has to go a year though!).

Often it also responds poorly to medical treatment and physical therapy which, however, should be attempted (Laser. Iontophoresis, Tekartherapy, etc.).

How can pain be reduced?

  1. Decreasing the movements causing the symptom is definitely useful! Needless to harm yourself with your own hands.

  2. The cold decreases the pain: an ice pack or cold accumulators to put in the freezer help if used for about 30 'a couple of times a day.

  3. In the stores for sanitary articles they sell "pressors" for epicondylitis which help to reduce the stresses undergone by the tendon.

  4. There are movements that help to relax the muscle and tendon: they are a bit difficult but if done carefully they give a moderate relief.



This is the exercise: You must rest your sick elbow on a table with your hand facing your face: You rest your other hand on your hand facing your face and resist a gentle 20 "extension movement that it must be performed in sync with inspiration. After 20 ”in this position, relax, exhale and gently pull the sick hand with the healthy hand down. Repeat 5 twice a day.

The purpose of the exercise is to gently stretch the muscle fibers that fit on the epicondyle.

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