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This simple examination, performed with sophisticated computerized analysis equipment of the most clinically significant points identified on the patient's body, allows to document with extreme precision what the alterations of the patient's posture are.

The exam is performed with the device called "Postural experience" produced by SPRINTIT widely used in outpatient facilities that are interested in postural evaluation.

Posture analysis


Esame della postura.jpeg

Each analysis is stored on the computer and can be printed and compared with the previous analyzes, this allows us to follow exactly the evolution over time of the posture of the patients we are treating, documenting with certainty the effects of the therapeutic procedures performed. of this investigation there are many: obviously girls affected by dimorphisms or scoliosis must absolutely be examined because this allows us to document the progress of the disease both when they are treated with the corset and when they are subjected to corrective gymnastics. It has also been seen that all dental occlusion dysfunctions can interfere with posture, as well as pathologies affecting the foot.

Prolotherapy patients may also need to perform the examination: in fact, dysfunctions of the spine with increased kyphosis or patients with chronic low back pain may need postural correction and re-evaluation after performing the therapeutic treatment.

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